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Beam Art Show

18th Annual Virginia Judd Beam Visual Arts Invitational and Prize
Thursday, May 2, 2013

Featuring the work of Laurel School Juniors and Seniors

The 18th Annual Beam Visual Arts Exhibition was held on May 2, 2013, in Holloway Gallery in the Upper School Hallway.  Through a generous endowment gift from Frank and Jinny Beam ’54, The Virginia Judd Beam Visual Arts Invitational and Prize provides students an opportunity to create art in a wide range of media and submit it for consideration in a juried art exhibition.  The Beam Invitational acknowledges the vital role played by the visual arts in the academic curriculum at Laurel.  Through the exploration of the visual arts, students gain technical proficiency, and are encouraged to think independently, take risks and flex their creative “muscles,” skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.  

Our Jurors — Steve Cagan for Photography; Douglas Max Utter for 2D; and Laila Voss for 3D — commented as follows: “Strong show!  We were struck by use of materials, skill in execution, and thoughtfulness. The exhibition as a whole shows a mature awareness of aesthetic issues across disciplines.”

Congratulations to all of our artists for a magnificent Beam Show and especially to our award winners!

PHOTOGRAPHY   The judges were impressed by the quality of works that posed and resolved contradictions, both social and compositional.
1st Place:
Sophie Schwartz '13 for Light (archival ink jet print) 
“This image was very compelling because it managed to use an unstable arrangement of elements within a controlled composition; these two apparently contradictory aspects of the image work, in this case, to make it very strong.”
2nd Place: Julie Manuszak '13 for Art (archival pigment print)
“Surprise!  Required second look.  Witty, well composed, technically accomplished.”
3rd Place: Veronica Stack '14 for Italy and France (handmade photography book)
“Unique eye revealed. Rich tonality.”

2D   “The 2D works were remarkable for their imaginative vision to creativity.”
1st Place
: Kimberly Richter '13 for Embroidery after Monet (book)
“Creative use of technique and material.”
2nd Place: Lauren Ellert '13 for Creative Development (drawing)
“Good use of medium.  Sensitive detail.”
3rd Place: Jessie Anderson '14 for Migraine (colored pencil drawing)
“Image is extremely emotive.  We all felt a headache coming on!”

3D  “3D works were notable for their surprising and effective uses of materials in expressing rich ideas.”
1st Place:
Ruby Thompson '14 for The Brain Book (altered book)
“Carved image appropriateness to the content.  In addition, variety of interpretation also compelling.”
2nd Place: Lisa Blumenthal '13 for Center of Mass (film canisters and wood)
We chose this conceptually rich sculpture for its grace as well as its reference to Constantin Brancusi's iconic work Endless Column. The juxtaposition of the sculpture's fluid vertical motion which is created by repetition of broken film canisters creates an ironic contrast that also speaks to film photography's demise.”
3rd Place: Hannah Ballock '13 for Elephant (found object sculpture)
“Great use of material.  Witty, well crafted.”

Honorable Mentions: Briana Lewis '13 for Flips and Flops (brass); Kara Marshall '14 for Inspired by Paul Klee (embroidery); Mia Mastroianni '14 for At the Museum (archival pigment print); Kate Murphy '13 for Hats in Paris (archival pigment print)

Photography: Sara Hollabaugh '13 for Double Exposure (archival digital print)
2D: Lauren Ellert '13 for Drawn Away (colored pencil and ink on board); Andrea Farr '14 for World View (watercolor, pencil)
3D: Miranda Hines '13 for Stuff of Legends (aluminum cans and cardboard)

Special thanks are extended to Frank and Jinny Beam, our jurors, Visual Art Department Co-Chair and Upper School Visual Arts Teacher Jane Berger, Upper School Visual Arts Photography Teacher Renee Psiakis, and Middle and Upper School Visual Arts Teachers Catherine Butler and Jeanne Regan, who worked closely with the Seniors and Juniors who submitted work. 


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