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Board of Trustees

The Laurel School Board of Trustees is composed of volunteer individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and skills. These members include Laurel alumnae, parents, past parents and engaged members of the community. They share a commitment to the vision of Laurel School as the pre-eminent girls school that knows girls, fosters their academic excellence and supports girls' well-being. With the Head, the Board sets vision and strategy for the school and ensures sound financial management, proper stewardship of resources, and accountability towards goals.

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  • Lynnette Jackson '93

    Chair, Board of Trustees

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  • Board of Trustees

    Lynnette Jackson '93, Chair*
    Kristine Bryan '80, Vice Chair*
    David Fleshler, Secretary*
    Carey Jaros '96, Treasurer*
    Victoria Anne Anderson '82*
    Michael Bee
    Daniel DeSantis
    Diane Downing*
    Marilyn Eisele*
    Elizabeth Embrescia '88*
    Mary Weatherhead Feldman '84
    Hubert Fernandez
    Michael Anne Johnson '64
    Rachel Kirsh '86
    Jack Koch
    Terry Horvitz Kovel '46
    Arnelle Martin '84
    Megan Lum Mehalko '83
    Chaundra King Monday '95
    Jacquelyn Nance
    Melissa O'Dwyer*
    John Reed
    Peter Richer
    Eliza Hatch Saada '84
    Nancy Phelps Seitz '68
    Laurence Talley
    Suzanne Schulze Taylor '81
    Sandhia Varyani '91

    *Executive Committee Member
  • Ex-officio Trustees

    Ann V. Klotz, Head of School
    Kristin Anderson Horner '80, President, LSAA
    Holyn Koch, President, LSPA
  • Trustees Emeritae/i

    John Batt
    Susan Walter Cargile '60
    Mary French Conway '46
    Christine Cowan-Gascoigne '70
    Louise Pomeroy Dempsey '62
    Sr. Maureen Doyle, O.S.U.
    Mary deConingh Emerson '46
    Heather Roulston Ettinger '79
    Ann Wible Gillespie
    Anne Conway Juster '80
    Frank Linsalata
    Nancy Breckenridge McCormack '48
    Kenneth Moore
    Douglas Preiser
    Donna Reid
    Barbara Peterson Ruhlman '50
    George Sherwin
    Jeffrey Sinclair

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