In addition to the learning that occurs in the individual classrooms, Pre-Primary students have exposure to the following special programs:

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  • Eco!Wonder

    Laurel’s Pre-Primary is based on a series of intriguing themes that link to the natural world. Our signature Eco!Wonder curriculum, written by our Pre-Primary faculty, is an environmental education program for young children that encourages them to understand the important role they play in keeping our planet healthy. We emphasize sustainability, the cycles of nature, discoveries made through unrestricted exploration in nature and activities associated with healthy living, including our commitment to healthy snacks! Girls and boys plant, compost, recycle, collect rainwater and cook. Through Eco!Wonder, they become more aware and inquisitive about the world and learning spills organically from classroom to home.
  • World Languages for Prekindergarten

    Students in Prekindergarten are immersed in engaging and integrated lessons in French and Spanish that provide an early introduction to world languages. The goal is to provide young learners with a positive and enjoyable language experience. For many of these young learners, this program represents their first experience with other languages and it lays an important foundation for future language study.
  • Library

    Every week, each Early Learners, Preschool and Prekindergarten class eagerly travels to a warm and cozy place in the Lake Library perfectly suited to our youngest students. The Pre-Primary and Primary librarian engages students through books as a developmentally appropriate way to cultivate pre-reading language and thinking skills in small children. Prekindergarten students are also introduced to research as a means to answer their most pressing questions. Working one-on-one with the librarian they read books, search the internet and write letters to find answers to questions such as, “Why does a dolphin’s skin not wrinkle?” and “Why do leaves change color in the fall?”
  • Music and Movement

    Children love music. It is fun, loud and gives them a sense of joy. Pre-Primary School students love to sing songs, play a variety of instruments and tap out the beat. They delight in the joy of movement and self-expression as they learn to move to a rhythm and develop coordination, balance and motor skills.
  • Physical Education

    Physical development, especially in regards to gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination, is the focus of our physical education classes. Children are introduced to a variety of sports while learning that physical activity is not only healthy, it’s fun!
  • Butler Campus

    Preschool and Prekindergarten students travel to our 150-acre Butler Campus at least every two weeks, a weekly option is available for full-day students, and Laurel’s Outdoor Pre-Primary School resides at our Butler Campus five mornings per week. Our innovative Yurt makes the Butler Campus accessible year round, regardless of inclement weather. Children who spend time outdoors are resilient, motivated and creative while developing the ability to focus and concentrate for longer periods of time and an inclination to experiment, make connections and problem-solve.
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