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Glossary of Terminology

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  • Asynchronous

    Students will be working on their own time, reading and writing, conducting research, engaging in learning apps, reviewing recorded lectures or collaborating on projects with peers. Teachers and learning specialists will remain available for support, and all teachers will offer virtual office hours.
  • Screencast

    A digital video recording of the computer screen, usually including audio narration. Screencasts are a form of instructional video.
  • Synchronous

    The teacher and students will be working together at the same time, reviewing material, introducing new work, ensuring everyone is on the same page in a given class and building connections. We use Google Hangouts Meet for synchronous meetings.
  • Video Conference

    A virtual meeting in which participants in different locations are able to communicate with each other with audio and video. We will use Google Hangouts Meet for this during classes, office hours or individual/group meetings.
Laurel School is a strong community—of learners, teachers, parents and alumnae. I know our legacy of rising to challenges, and I see our current situation as an opportunity to discover a great deal about the adventure of learning.

Our foundation as a school that embraces and leads with innovation positions us to take on the new world of Laurel School.

– Ann V. Klotz, Head of School
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