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How to Help at Home

  1. If possible, your child should attend classes in the same space every day with access to school supplies and the Internet.
  2. Remember that Laurel’s Center for Research on Girls recommends that a student not use her bedroom as a home office; we know some students may need to work from a bedroom, but ideally not from bed.
  3. Establish and maintain a routine and structure for the day, beginning with a regular bedtime and wake-up time each day--useful for children in all school settings!
  4. Set clear expectations with your child about regular school day hours to help her maintain a schedule and stay on top of her schoolwork.
  5. Encourage her to use her planner or another calendar to keep track of her classes, assignments and responsibilities.
  6. We have planned breaks during the learning day. ​Encourage physical activity for all students.
  7. ​Let your child’s teacher or advisor know if she is having difficulty with the School@Home experience. If your daughter is displaying signs of distress, feel free to touch base with your division’s psychologist.
  8. Encourage your child to try different strategies to solve problems when she is stuck.
  9. Support your daughter’s independence as much as possible and let her grapple with the challenges of learning and solving problems. ​Productive struggle is essential to learning, so we ask that you allow her to experience the struggle. Try to keep from quickly offering your help or providing the strategy you would use.
  10. The Learning Specialist in each division remains available to provide academic and study skills support. Please reach out to them if your daughter needs support.
  11. Help your child stay connected to the community and her friends. Even digital connections can sustain and support children through challenging times.
Laurel School is a strong community—of learners, teachers, parents and alumnae. I know our legacy of rising to challenges, and I see our current situation as an opportunity to discover a great deal about the adventure of learning.

Our foundation as a school that embraces and leads with innovation positions us to take on the new world of Laurel School.

– Ann V. Klotz, Head of School
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