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Katherine S.B. Mills Photography Grant & Exhibit

First given in 2003, The Katherine S.B. Mills Photography Grant supports an aspiring Upper School student of photography to pursue her passion for creativity and storytelling.
Throughout her short life, Katie found growth and challenge by combining a love of photography and a curiosity for new people and places. For this reason, the award supports photographic study over the students' summer break, and often in new environments.

Grant recipients are asked to donate one of their photographs to the permanent Laurel Art Collection, a gift for the Laurel community that will create a future of images that express moments of knowledge, beauty and humanity.
Please join us in celebrating the work of this year’s Katherine S.B. Mills Photography Grant recipient, Jamie Marderstein '22, at a reception on March 3, 2022 at our Lyman Campus.
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About Katie and Her Passion for Photography

Katie was a vibrant and talented member of Laurel’s class of 1997 who went on to study at Lewis & Clark College. A gifted photographer, Katie used her visits over the years to South America and Spain to record her intuitive and revealing impressions of people and vistas. Sadly, in 1999 Katie died from carbon monoxide poisoning in the home where she was staying while studying abroad in Chile. Katie’s death was mourned by all who knew her and the subsequent outpouring of gifts led to the establishment of a generous fund in her memory.

The purpose of the award is to assist aspiring students of photography in attending a summer photography workshop, an experience which nurtured Katie’s own interest in the art form. During her years at Laurel and thereafter in college, Katie loved and excelled at photography. It was her means of artistic expression. She used photography to document people around the world and their environment. In pausing to capture these objects, she celebrated the preciousness of life.

The Mills Grant is an extension of Katie’s artistic passion and the people who love her. If you wish to support this grant, please make a gift online and select "Katherine Mills '97 Photography Endowment Fund" from the "designation" list.

Past Awardees

2003: Anna Bolman ’05
2004: Anna Bolman ’05
2005: Sara Bencic ’07
2006: Emily Mervis ’06 and Chelsea Orr ’08
2008: Regina Orlando ’09 and Margaret Murray ’10
2009: Miranda Orbach ’11
2010: Lauren Hipple ’11
2011: Sophie Schwartz ’13
2012: Sara Hollabaugh ’13
2013: ShelBy Beasley ’15
2014: Charlotte M. Jones ’15
2015: Cameron Peters ’16
2016: Lillian Ostrander ’17
2017: Henley Schulz ’18
2018: Celeste Bohan ’19
2019: Leah Schneider ’20
2020: Emma Miller ’21
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