Leverage the power of the Laurel alumnae community through Alumnifire and LinkedIn.

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  • Alumnifire

    Laurel School is pleased to partner with Alumnifire to offer an online professional networking platform for our alumnae. Using Alumnifire can help Laurel alumnae foster one-on-one connections and exchange industry expertise with unparalleled ease.

    Are you looking for career guidance or maybe an internship or job? Moving to a new city and want the recommendations of locals? Looking to give back to the next generation of Laurel girls or be a role model/mentor for current students? Enjoy the benefits of being a member of the Laurel Alumnae Community!

    Join Alumnifire today! Sign-up only takes a couple of minutes.
  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is very well established, but application updates have resulted in our members needing to confirm Laurel School in their educational profile. Mark yourself as a Laurel alumna on LinkedIn by following the steps below:

    Go to your profile and add Laurel School to your educational history by choosing Laurel School (green square icon) from the drop-down menu.

    If you already have "Laurel School" in your profile, please double check to make sure it is the one with the green square icon. If it is not, please re-select Laurel School.

    By adding Laurel School to your educational history, you will help populate the "see alumni" feature on Laurel School's LinkedIn page. Thank you!

    Feel free to join the “Laurel School Alumnae” group on LinkedIn. It is entirely driven by the participation of its membership.
Laurel’s AlumniFire page revealed to me a fast-tracked hiring network in Cleveland. I engaged directly with high- and mid-level alumnae employees in multiple industries to discuss professional development opportunities and available positions at their companies. My Alumnifire connections reviewed my application and helped me prepare for interviews, phone and in-person.

A connection with another Laurel alumna suggested by the Alumnae Office resulted in my job application being immediately passed to the hiring partner. Sandhya Gupta '94 and I now wear our rings to our office everyday! My Laurel ring frequently reminds me that in our ever-developing lives, we will always have the robust, empowering Laurel community to guide us. Go Gators!

~ Tabitha Gillombardo '12
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