For more than fifty years, the Laurel School Parents Association (LSPA) has invited and utilized the time, talents and resources of its membership (all Laurel parents and guardians) to benefit the student body. We enhance parent-to-parent and school-to parent communication and foster school spirit. We act as room parents, help out at Admissions events, support CRG, chaperone dances, landscape and plan special “thank-yous" for the faculty and staff. See How We Support Laurel for a detailed list of our involvement throughout the year.
The Laurel School Parents Association, in partnership with the school, supports school programs and provides additional activities, volunteer opportunities and fundraising to enhance the educational and social experience for the Laurel community.
Fundraising and collecting dues help us reach our goals and further our mission of service to the Laurel community. To raise funds, we run the Gator Lane school spirit shop, the Used Uniform Sale, and much more (see the Fundraising Projects page). At the end of each year, we generally make a gift to the school that benefits the whole Laurel community.

We welcome all of you to volunteer as your time permits. For an extensive list of LSPA activities that enrich our community, please see the How We Support Laurel page. If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know by filling out our volunteer form.

LSPA Executive Board

The LSPA is governed by an Executive Board of seven officers and four Division Coordinators who administer the LSPA’s various activities. Nominations and elections for the following year’s Board are held in the Spring. [Read the LSPA By-Laws.]
  • Holyn Koch

  • Maia Rucker

    President Elect
  • Katie Fox

  • Mary Kosir

    Gator Lane Treasurer
  • Sarah Deeks

    Recording Secretary
  • Malissa Bodmann

    Communications Coordinator
  • Chastity Embrescia

    Fundraising Coordinator
  • Marissa Pelsozy

    Pre-Primary Division Coordinator
  • Janelle Dougherty

    Primary Division Coordinator
  • Andrew Glasier

    Middle Division Coordinator
  • Betsy O'Neill

    Upper Division Coordinator

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