Giving to Laurel

Thank you for your interest in supporting Laurel School. Laurel School has benefited from a deep commitment by alumnae, parents, grandparents and friends who have found meaningful ways to invest in our students and faculty. We are here to answer any questions about how we can find a resonance between your philanthropic priorities and those of the School.
Every year the Laurel Fund increases the value added of a Laurel education. Classroom materials, faculty salaries, athletics, the arts, technology and more–all are enhanced through annual giving.

Every dollar invested by the School in the $52+ million endowment was a gift dollar from someone who cares deeply about Laurel School. Thanks to amazing oversight, the endowment continues to grow.

Donor Recognition Levels

up to $99
Century Club:
Courtyard Club:
Green & White Club:
Prentiss Founder:
Prentiss Patron:
Prentiss Benefactor:
Prentiss Guardian:
Prentiss Investor:
Prentiss Shareholder:
Prentiss Torchbearer:
$30,000 or more

Ways to Give

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  • Online (Credit Card or Bank Transfer)

    Give online. Fast and secure, there are options to pay in full or in installments.
  • US Mail (Check or Pledge)

    Pledges must be paid in full by June 30 (the last day of our fiscal year).

    Please mail your check or pledge intent to:

    Development Office
    Laurel School
    One Lyman Circle
    Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122
  • Call Us (Credit Card or Pledge)

    Please call Maegan Cross at 216-455-3031 to make your credit card gift or pledge.
  • Stock

    Gifts of stock may be made via electronic transfer if the securities are held in a brokerage account. Simply instruct your broker to transfer your securities in the name of Laurel School to:

    DTC# 0221
    UBS Account # 9N14329
    Contact: Anna Rodisel 440-414-2750

    Please notify Beth Green at or 216-455-3096 to anticipate receipt of your gift. This step assures that your gift is credited to the fund of your choice and also allows us to follow up with UBS and assure you receive proper credit for your gift in a timely manner. Thank you!
  • IRA Charitable Rollover

    Thank you for considering a gift to Laurel School. For an IRA Charitable Rollover Contribution, donors age 70 ½ or older can directly deposit a tax-free charitable gift of up to $100,000 per year under federal tax law. Although there is no deduction for an IRA Charitable Rollover Contribution, gifts directly made from an Individual Retirement Account avoids the payment of income tax. If interested, please consider requesting a distribution through a check made payable to Laurel School, EIN 34-0714451.

    For more information, please contact Maegan Ruhlman Cross '03 at or call 216-455-3031.
  • Legacy for Laurel

    Legacy for Laurel is the program by which Laurel supporters in the present honor its past by planning for the School’s future. Over the years, much of the School's financial stability has stemmed from bequests and other planned gifts.

    A planned gift to Laurel School might take the form of:
    • A Bequest in a Will
    • A gift from a Trust
    • A Charitable Gift Annuity
    • A Charitable Remainder Unitrust
    • A Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
    • Designation as a Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy
    • Designation as a Beneficiary of a Retirement Plan or IRA
    Please visit the Legacy for Laurel page for more information. Laurel School's EIN number is 34-0714451.
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