Admissions Team
Meet Our Green Key Student Ambassadors

Chanelle Graubard ’22

Started: Sixth Grade
Attended: Orange Public Schools
Activities: President, Investment Club; Executive Editor/President, The Voice; Varsity Golf; Captain, Varsity Lacrosse; Protégé; Vice President, Student Government; Israeli Culture Club and Young Democrats
Favorite Class: Without a doubt, Honors Chemistry with Mr. Kawolics. He is an amazing teacher and mentor, and I learned more than I thought possible in all of his classes. I am not necessarily a science person, STEM won’t be my focus in college, but I always found myself gravitating to his classes. Mr. Kawolics makes the class extremely personal and teaches in a way that allows you to get the most out of your learning which inspired me to do and try my best, more than I have ever in the past.
Favorite Laurel Thing:
My favorite thing about Laurel is the abundant traditions, which can range anywhere from the flower ceremony to Laurel bananas. I love that there are so many traditions at school because it makes it seem more personalized than other institutions I have visited.  Even though I am trepidatious about graduating and college admissions, I have been waiting my whole Laurel career to be a part of the senior traditions.
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