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Meet Our Green Key Student Ambassadors

Lauren Izanec ’22

Started: Pre-Primary
Attended: Laurel School since Pre-Primary
Activities: Model UN; Cross Country; Track; Capstone; Protégé; Secretary Treasurer, Class of 2022; Honor Council
Favorite Class: My favorite class was KAP European History, because it was a fascinating and demanding course that challenged and excited me. It was a class that was much more college-oriented and structured, so it forced me to adapt and improve, but it was also understandable and interesting. Mr. Connell was a great teacher because he had clear expectations and challenged us. He had no shortage of feedback and advice when we needed it. The first essay I wrote had a weak thesis and Mr. Connell took the time to meet with me over Zoom and give me feedback so that my next essay (which was on women in the Renaissance) had a much stronger thesis and argument. This was my favorite class not only because the content was interesting, but also because I felt that I could see improvement in myself and my writing and I now feel more prepared for college.
Favorite Laurel Thing: My favorite thing about Laurel is how adaptable everyone is. All of my teachers and classmates have gone above and beyond to support me in projects, interests, and classwork. We also have various special programs like Capstone and Protege and I have reached out to various alums and current teachers who have adapted to my needs in these programs and helped me to accomplish my goals. For example, when our Capstone trip to New York got cancelled because of COVID, I was able to work with my Capstone leaders and contacts in New York and adapt our meeting to a Zoom format. We met with a representative from MADRE, a global women's rights network in New York, through Zoom and had a great conversation with her.
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