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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

On Gender

Laurel School is proud of our long-standing tradition of raising up the voices of girls and women and educating our students to fulfill their promise and better the world. Within this environment, designed for the education of girls, we value and respect the safety of all members of our community, no matter their gender identity, and expect all our constituents to respect the school’s history, values and mission. Should a current Laurel student begin to question their gender identity and/or identify as other than female, we will continue to support that student as a member of the Laurel School community and work with their families to determine if Laurel continues to be the right setting for that student.
These guidelines, consistent with the International Coalition of Girls Schools (ICGS) and ICGS member schools, apply to all Laurel students and applicants. 
We are particularly aware, however, that the circumstances for a Laurel student whose gender identity exploration begins before Upper School may need more careful consideration with the student and the student’s family as to how it could feel to spend years at a girls’ school when not identifying as female. Our experience suggests that students whose changes in gender begin in Upper School may be more likely to wish to remain at Laurel through graduation. Regardless, we will support all students as they consider their educational options, and we will work in partnership with students and families along the way. A student who respects and supports the mission of the school as one centered on the experience of educating girls and young women, and as a place that advocates for girls’ education and women’s advancement, will have a home here.
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