Executive Director of LCRG Becomes a New York Times Bestselling Author, Again!

Dr. Lisa Damour, Executive Director of Laurel's Center for Research on Girls, sat down with a variety of national media outlets this month to discuss the topic of her latest book, Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress & Anxiety in Girls, which launched earlier this month and has already become a New York Times bestseller! 

CBS News
: "Lisa Damour on the Rise of Anxiety in Girls"
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USA Today: "'Under Pressure' author Lisa Damour talks 'normal' anxiety for girls, when to get help"
Slate: "How to Talk to Your Teens About Sex, Climate Change, and Existential Angst (We live in complicated times. Lisa Damour is here to help)"
All Things Considered: "From Friends To School, 'Under Pressure' Helps Teenage Girls Navigate Adolescence"
CNN: "What parents need to know about girls' stress and anxiety"
The Social Work Podcast: An interview with Dr. Lisa Damour
Your Teen Magazine: "Under Pressure: Interview with Bestselling Author Lisa Damour, Ph.D."
More from Dr. Damour this month:
In her latest New York Times Well-Health Column titled, "How to Help Teens Weather Their Emotional Storms," Dr. Damour states that "Trying to help a deeply upset teenager - perhaps one undone by a social slight or flipping out about an upcoming test - is among the most common and stressful challenges in all of parenting. Amid all that stress, it's easy for well-meaning adults to make missteps."
In addition, Dr. Damour discussed how her work as a psychologist helps her write for parents of teens in the New York Times Insider section. In her piece she states that, "One thing I most love about being a psychologist is that the value of my ideas isn't measured by how good they sound to me, or even to other adults - only the results count. In some cases, I've struck on an effective approach to a tricky issue thanks to trial and error in my own close work with teenagers. In others, I have been led to psychologically grounded yet easy-to-implement solutions by wise and seasoned colleagues at Laurel School in Shaker Heights, Ohio, where I spend part of each week." 
Dr. Damour also authored a piece in TIME Magazine titled, "You Can Track Almost Everything Your Kids Do Online. Here's Why That May Not Be a Good Idea."
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