Megan Weiskopf Featured in the Cleveland Jewish News

Laurel Upper School Director Megan Weiskopf was recently featured in a Cleveland Jewish News piece highlighting how teachers continue to motivate students as summer approaches.
In the article Megan is quoted stating, "For seniors, it's more than summer approaching, it's a huge transition for them. That kind of transition will trickle down and the students who are in the lower grades start to envision what next year will be like for them. There is nothing conscious about it. It's not so much about 'yay vacation,' it's more about the transitions of the senior students, the leaders of the schools. All the students are well aware of the big transition of the school culture. It has everyone thinking about that transition."
Megan goes on to state that, "One of the virtues of being a school like Laurel, where we are small by design and where we work with families who are invested in their child's education, our goal is that they are invested all year long and maintain their focus." Click here to read the full story.
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