Ann Klotz Talks About Distance Learning and Laurel School@Home with Your Teen Magazine

In March Ann V. Klotz provided her insights to Your Teen Magazine about what distance learning means, how schools are adapting to meet changing needs, and expectations to help set for you and your children as schools move to online learning.
One of the questions asks what to do if your child does not seem engaged? Ann advised that parents should do “Exactly what you would ordinarily do. You’re going to pick up the phone and call their teacher or advisor and say, ‘Hey, my kid seems to be on an extended spring break. Got any ideas?’ And again, that’s what schools do best. We know how to motivate kids and we know how to stay connected to them. Parents don’t have to step in and be the bad guy.” Ann also touched on how to deal with the uncertainty of our current school situation and highlighted some of what to expect from Laurel's School@Home learning, which kicks off on April 1.
Click here for her full interview.
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