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Joel McDaniel Featured in Cleveland Magazine

Upper School Music Teacher Joel McDaniel was recently featured in a Cleveland Magazine story titled, "Teaching Music From a Distance: How it Feels."
In the piece Joel talks about how he has been learning new ways to adapt to this new teaching style, as well as how to translate voice lessons, piano instruction and whole choir rehearsals through a virtual platform. He states that, "The girls at Laurel have been so absolutely amazing. They step up to every challenge that we've been giving them, which is really cool. I haven't had any issues with attendance, the girls are showing up to class on time. They're wanting to get together because our group is so close knit, and they just want to have that socialization and sense of community that they really aren't getting anymore. And classes that are synchronous classes are a sort of balance of content and also the socialization that they really crave and need. When you can't really sing together, I think that's the second-best thing." 
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