Leighann DeLorenzo Highlights Inauguration Day Programming in Cleveland.com Story

Leighann DeLorenzo, Dean of Students for the Upper School, was included in a recent Cleveland.com story that delved into how area schools would address Inauguration Day.

 For Laurel, Inauguration Day was a day-long event. Leighann commented that the day would include historic speeches and lessons centered on exploring freedom of speech, social media, immigration, female representation in politics and the pass-down of presidential power, among other topics. "What better day to come together as a community to honor the political significance of the day but the historical significance, which is of course, watching Kamala Harris ascend to one of the highest offices in our country. Our thinking when we put this together is, we realized that our time is now. It’s a reminder to women that make up a little more than half of the population in the country that we have waited in the wings for too long.”
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