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Andrew Cruse and Nikhita Goel '22 Included in Cleveland Magazine Piece on Navigating the College Acceptance Process

Andrew Cruse, Director of College Guidance at Laurel, and Nikhita Goel '22 were included in a recent Cleveland Magazine article outlining various tips for navigating the college application process.
The article's biggest takeaway is that starting the application process early is beneficial and can make Senior year significantly less stressful. Thinking about applying Early Decision comes with pros and cons. Andrew states that schools "Are attracted to applicants who tell them upfront they want to be there. So, the challenge becomes doing the hard work and looking inward to ask, 'what do I really want?'" However, not all students are ready to decide in the fall. Andrew goes on to say, "A student who hasn’t found the place that hits all the right notes and is looking for more options should play the field a little bit and weigh all the options.”
Nikita, who applied Early Decision (ED) to Tufts, stated that "You have to be sure your ED school is the one that is most important to you and that you’ll be happy there because there is no backing out." For her, she knew Tufts felt right, and she was ready to commit upon acceptance.
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