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37 Laurel Students Receive a Total of 54 Honors in the 2023 Scholastic Art & Writing Competition

Each year the Cleveland Institute of Art hosts the Scholastic Art & Writing Competition that recognizes creative achievement in area 7th-12th grade students. Applicants can submit in 28 different categories of art and writing.
Students submitted more than 320,000 works of art and writing in this year’s competition. Award-winning work best exemplifies originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision. Students receiving Gold Keys, Silver Keys, Honorable Mentions, or American Visions & Voices Nominations are celebrated within their communities through local exhibitions and ceremonies. Gold Key works are then judged nationally by an impressive panel of creative-industry experts to receive National Medals. 

Congratulations to the following Laurel students who were recognized in the regional competition:

Gold Keys:
  • Nora Katiyar ‘23, painting titled “Cloud Garden”
  • Stella Kronstain ‘24, painting titled, “Consuming Media “
  • Sascha Leiken ‘25, Painting titled “Vitamin C”
Silver Keys:
  • Sophia Casa ‘23, art portfolio titled “Precipice of Adulthood”
  • Elise Kavalchek ‘23, ceramics & glass piece titled “Family of Flowers”
  • McKeely Kemock ‘25, photo titled “Nostalgia”
  • Michelle Mankaryous ‘26, photo titled “Peaceful Summer”
  • Abby Preston ‘23, ceramics & glass piece titled “Noir et Blanc”
  • Nicole Samala ‘24, photo titled “Arising”
  • Vanessa Sheppard ‘25, photo titled “Monday Morning”
  • Kennedy Whitaker ‘25, ceramics & glass piece titled “The Mystic Tower”
Honorable Mentions:
  • Karma Abboud ‘24, photo titled “November Diptych”
  • Elle Bodmann ‘24, photo titled “The Leading Light”
  • Emiko Dallas ‘24, photo titled “Subtle Beauty”
  • Serene Hameed ‘24, photo titled “Staring”
  • Meredith Havre ‘25, painting titled “Soap Bubbles”
  • McKeely Kemock ‘25, photo titled “Ice Cream, Please”
  • Siena Maschke ‘24, ceramics & glass piece titled “Geometric Bowls”
  • Abby Preston ‘23, earned three honorable mentions for her ceramics & glass piece titled “Extraterrestrial Halves”, ceramics & glass piece titled “Planetary Form”, and her art portfolio titled “Planetary Forms”
  • Ej Reindel-Swan ‘24, mixed media piece titled “Fiddle-y-Diddle Murder Violin”
  • Jazmin Ross ‘25, earned two honorable mentions for her photo titled “My Laurel Community” and her ceramics & class piece titled “Golden Flower Bowl”
Gold Keys:
  • Karma Abboud ‘24, science fiction & fantasy piece titled “The World Ends Like a Song” 
  • Shaliz Bazldjoo ‘24, personal essay & memoir titled “All Our Broken Clocks” 
  • Cici Cao ‘25, flash fiction titled “Paper Angels”
  • Liliana Embrescia ‘25, poetry titled “How Are You?”
  • Rida Tahir ‘27, earned two Gold Keys for her poetry titled “The Country of the Markhor and Chukar” and her flash fiction piece titled “Spilled Chai on a Blank Canvas”
Silver Keys:
  • Shaliz Bazldjoo ‘24, earned two Silver Keys for her novel writing titled “How to Hunt Witches” and her poetry titled “lavashak”
  • Lucy Dolzine ‘27, poetry titled “Windows with no Light”
  • Sophie Rucker ‘25, poetry titled “My Statement”
  • Claire Sheeler ‘25, critical essay titled “The Need for Hope in Fantasy”
  • Blake Zollar ‘26, short story titled “A Raven’s Ending”
Honorable Mentions:
  • Karma Abboud ‘24, short story titled “The Unraveled Girl”
  • Abigail Clayton ‘26, poetry titled “Dear Maya Angelou”
  • Liliana Embrescia ‘24, earned three Honorable Mentions for her poetry titled “Dear Weather: A Villanelle”, poetry titled “Bittersweet”, and poetry titled “All the Tears I Cannot Cry”
  • Jannah Kazmi ‘26, short story titled “The Village I Couldn’t Escape”
  • Stella Kronstain ‘24, poetry titled “Your Perception of Me”
  • Ann Marie Lahorra ‘27, flash fiction titled “A Sky Full of Sunsets”
  • Ann Marie Lahorra ‘27, flash fiction titled “Gone in an Instant”
  • Arabelle Mellenthin ‘26, flash fiction titled “Obstacles of Illusion”
  • Taya Offutt Decker ‘27, earned three Honorable Mentions for her poetry titled “Breakfast”, poetry titled “Room (For One More)?”, and poetry titled “Black Letters On White Paper”
  • Hannah Rosenfeld ‘27, flash fiction titled “Role Models”
  • Marley Rossen ‘27, critical essay titled “Refugee Theme Essay”
  • Kaisa Strautnieks ‘26, flash fiction titled “The Girl with Red Hair”
  • Rida Tahir ‘27, personal essay & memoir titled “So Many Colors”
  • Angelica Williams ‘25, poetry titled “Tender”
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