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The Top Workplaces 2017 was recently issued by the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Laurel was included among the top 50 companies (150-499 employees) on the list! In addition, Ann V. Klotz was included in a story that accompanied the list, which offered advice on leadership versus "just being bossy." Ann is quoted saying, "Not everybody needs to be a stand-on-the-table leader who gives orders and makes a lot of noise. What I try to do is set an example that everybody needs to really choose their abilities, and not be afraid of or apologize for the abilities that don't come naturally. We put a lot of pressure on kids to do everything well, to check all the boxes, when they can excel in different ways." She goes on to say that "Leadership isn't always about being the boss; leadership is about shining the light on other people." Click here to read the full story.

"There are glamorous aspects to putting on a music festival—like booking bands—and some less-than-glamorous aspects—like determining how many Porta Pottys you’ll need," reported Andrew Cass of The News-Herald, who visited with a few Laurel students and staff on day two of this year's LaureLive. The story highlight's the partnership Laurel established with The Elevation Group, whose owners taught a semester-long elective where students took away lessons that go far beyond music. Antonina (Nina) Schubert '17 states in the piece that she has "Always had a passion for music. Seeing how something like this is put together is really cool. It’s a behind-the-scenes look.” Doing her Senior Project with The Elevation Group, she was able get an even closer look at the process, working side by side with the owners. Olivia Savona '19 shadowed the stage manager during the festival. That job gave her a better appreciation for what goes into a concert. She had the opportunity to speak to someone working the lights, getting an inside look at what they do. “It’s a lot more than just music. There are bits and pieces that can interest anyone," she was quoted saying.

The Plain Dealer also paid a visit to the festival. Laurel Headmistress Ann V. Klotz is quoted in the piece stating, "Music with a Mission ties into Laurel's mission to inspire each girl to fulfill her promise and to better the world. I love what LaureLive offers our girls, who are given the opportunity to learn about and participate in the process from start to finish and take that experience with them once they leave the walls of Laurel."

WOIO paid a visit to LaureLive on Saturday, June 10 and saw firsthand how Laurel students played a role in the production of the two-day music festival taking place at Laurel's Butler Campus. Danielle Vinokur '17 was interviewed about her experience and was featured saying, "We saw press releases being written, we went to interviews with radio stations, so it was really cool seeing everything going on." Rising Junior Brynn Pierce '19 was also interviewed about what she has learned. "I've learned everything, from how much it costs to put on something like this to all the little details we have to pay attention to, to make everyone happy at our concert. It's awesome. I think that this is a good way to see whether or not you might like the music industry."

Trey Wilson, Laurel's Director of Strategic Partnerships, and Headmistress Ann V. Klotz were also on camera for the story. Ms. Klotz stated, "I am so excited that this festival gives the opportunity to put real-life learning into action for our girls. For them to be both entrepreneurial and think about their creative side is a pretty amazing opportunity at Laurel." View the full story online here.

The buzz around the second LaureLive, taking place June 10-11, 2017, started early this year when the Chagrin Valley Times wrote a story titled, "Laurel Students Behind Scenes of Music Fest." The article highlights the elective roughly 25 students chose to take that kicked off in January where they met each week with the owners of Elevation Group, the production company Laurel partnered with to put on LaureLive. The class focused on all aspects of producing an event of this magnitude--from securing and working with talent to merchandising, insurance and permitting. The class looked at all aspects of production and LaureLive weekend is the culmination of those efforts, where the students all will have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on way. The article quotes Trey Wilson, Laurel's Director of Strategic Partnerships, who states that "This isn't happening in a vacuum. They're not just jumping in and doing one weekend without thinking of the preparation that went into it. They get a broad overview from people that have genuine expertise and during the weekend, they will have a way to engage in the event itself. From where I sit, that's a really effective model." Molly Easly '17 and Rachael Grossman '18, both of whom have been working closely with Elevation Group outside of the class, are also featured in the article talking about their role in the event and their take on the overall experience. 

Additional media highlights of Laurel students and their participation in LaureLive appeared in, where Peighton Taylor '18 was interviewed and the Cleveland Jewish News.

Laurel Headmistress Ann V. Klotz sat down with Micki Byrnes, President and General Manager of WKYC Channel 3 - Cleveland, for a “Square Talk” segment that aired on May 14. Ms. Klotz addressed the topics of girls and math, women and STEM careers, and the growing strength of all-girls’ schools throughout the country. View the full interview here.

The Cleveland Jewish News recently spoke with Leighann DeLorenzo Laurel's Upper School theater director, who began teaching a Testimony Theater course this semester after visiting Israel in January 2016. In Testimony Theater, survivors of the Holocaust are paired with young people, and the survivors tell their stories. The students then write the stories in a theatrical framework and perform an original theater piece based off the story. On May 4 the 12 students enrolled in Testimony Theater performed the stories of three survivors for a full house. Leighann was quoted in the story saying, “As we move forward as a community, it’s also about extending that lens forward into the now, into the present, whether that has to do with the current refugee crisis, civil rights, equal rights, any other movement where we’re really talking about people that are marginalized." She said having her students learn the stories of these survivors was an important part of their education. “We can really use these painful stories of yesterday that are also incredibly inspiring and really they can be transformative for our students today and turn them into the upstanders they should be and inspire them in their education at Laurel." Click here to read the full article. 

Playhouse Square announced its Dazzle Awards nominees on April 28 and we are excited to share that Nora Hyman '17 received a John and Patricia Chapman Best Actress nomination for her role as 'Audrey' in Laurel's production of Little Shop of Horrors! The Playhouse Square website states that "The Dazzle Awards aim to inspire and honor excellence in high school musical theater, and to recognize the importance of musical theater and arts education within the Northeast Ohio community. A panel of adjudicators attend one production at each participating school, provide educational feedback on the official evaluation form and determine nominees and awards for participating schools. This regional program culminates at the Connor Palace with the Dazzle Awards, modeled after the Tony Awards®, to recognize outstanding musical theater productions and students. The winners in the Best Actor and Best Actress category will have the opportunity to participate in the National High School Musical Theatre Awards in New York City." The Dazzle Award winners will be announced on May 20, 2017. The grand prize winners in The John and Patricia Chapman Best Actor and Best Actress categories will go on to represent Northeast Ohio at the National High School Musical Theatre Awards, also known as “The Jimmys,” in New York City, presented by The Broadway League.   

Laurel School's Annella Fernandez '17 is being recognized by the National Alliance on Mental Illness Greater Cleveland (NAMI GC) for her efforts to raise awareness of mental illness among her peer group. Annella will receive the Mental Health Teen Award on May 5 during the NAMI GC Annual Meeting & Awards Ceremony. The Awards Ceremony will honor outstanding achievement in promoting and providing mental health services for individuals, families and organizations in the year 2016. Naturally drawn to the study of psychology, Annella has spent time shadowing a pediatric psychologist. In 2016 she wrote What I Learned and What You Need to Know: A Brief Introduction to Behavioral Disorders in Adolescents, a collection of vignettes about the patient cases she shadowed along with factual information about the mental health diagnoses. Congratulations to Annella!

Laurel Headmistress Ann V. Klotz recently lent her voice for NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) Member Voices, a new podcast series about the individuals who make up the independent school community. Each Podcast features a discussion with a different staff member at an NAIS-member school about his or her role, challenges, successes, inspiration sources and more. Ms. Klotz was one of the first to launch in the series, which has been very well received within the independent school community. Click here to listen to Ann’s podcast on leadership, empowering girls and the ways in which the Center for Research on Girls fuels our practice at Laurel. 

Laurel School alum Marne Levine '88 was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal article highlighting her role as chief operating officer for Instagram. Ms. Levine, a former White House official, arrived in the Silicon Valley in 2015 and "has been helping Instagram mature into a full-fledged business." The article quotes Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s co-founder and chief executive, who calls Ms. Levine "'an efficiency guru' who has helped the app avoid some of the pitfalls of rapid growth."

Prior to joining Instagram, Ms. Levine served as vice president of global public policy for Facebook, where she "grew the policy team, which manages Facebook’s relationship with governments and responds to privacy laws and regulation, from fewer than a dozen people to more than a hundred." The article goes on to state that "once Ms. Levine moved over to Instagram at the beginning of 2015, she dove in with the creation of a formal budget, giving the company a comprehensive view of its spending for the first time. She also pushed to expand the Instagram partnerships team, which manages the app’s relationship with public figures, publishers and others to ensure that they continued to flock to Instagram. She helped hire influential figures such as Eva Chen, former editor of Lucky magazine, to oversee its fashion ties, and Lauren Wirtzer-Seawood, who led Beyonce’s digital strategy, to run music partnerships."

The article details Ms. Levine's path to success at Instagram. Click here to read the full story. 

  • June 2017
    • FriJun30 Online Forms for 2017-18 School Year Due Today!
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Press Releases

"Nice Girl” Effect Serves as an Early Warning System Against Eating Disorders. Research shows a simple classroom presentation can help prevent a deadly psychiatric illness.

Popular Publications by LCRG

LCRG Director Dr. Lisa Damour's New York Times blog entry on "The Emotional Whiplash of Parenting a Teenager"

LCRG Director Dr. Lisa Damour's New York Times piece for parents and educators on fact that "normal development isn't always pretty."  "It's Not a 'Problem.' It's Called Being a Child"

LCRG Director Dr. Lisa Damour's New York Times "top most e-mailed" article featuring research on the childhood precursors of adult well-being: "Don't Make Your Children the Exception to Every Rule"

LCRG Director Lisa Damour and Laurel Head of School Ann Klotz write on "Strength vs. Stressors: Building Resilience to Help Girls Manage Stress" in the Summer, 2013 edition of Independent School Magazine

LCRG Director Lisa Damour publishes a guest post titled "The Psychologist as (Wary) Parent" on the New York Times' Motherlode blog

Ann Klotz and Lisa Damour's Plain Dealer Op-Ed response to "The Pseudoscience of Single-Sex Schooling"

Dr. Damour's article titled "Girl vs. Test" published in Education Week

Dr. Damour's article titled "Teaching Girls to Tinker" published in Education Week


Media Coverage About LCRG

Laurel School's Center for Research on Girls is featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Shaker Life Magazine in the article "Tools for Success."

Tori Cordiano, Assistant Director of Laurel School's Center for Research on Girls, and a consulting psychologist, is featured in the January issue of Cleveland Magazine. In the article "Kids A to Z: Positive Change," Dr. Cordiano offers expert tips on building resiliency by praising effort and the importance of spending quality time listening to your children.

Laurel School’sHead of School, Ann V. Klotz, and Lisa Damour, Ph.D. (Director of Laurel School's Center for Research on Girls) were interviewed for the Vancouver, Canada radio show, The Shift, on CKNW 980AM in response to a article (see 12.18.2013 entry below).

A new study out of Colombia contradicts much of the previous research done on gender roles and single sex education for girls. Lisa Damour, Laurel School's Center for Research on Girls Director, talked to about other research in support of all-girls schooling as it relates to gender roles. The article is titled "Do All-Girls Schools Breed Feminists or Mean Girls?" [We're sorry that the link to Time is not working. We hope to receive a new link from the publisher.]

LCRG Director Lisa Damour interviewed for New York Times "Technology" section article "If a Young Child Wanders, Technology Can Follow"

LCRG's Fall Symposium coverage by (The Plain Dealer and Sun News): "Groundbreaking Research Presented at Local Symposium on Girls"

Laurel alumna and current parent Mary Garner Ganske '77 includes advice from the Center for Research on Girls on how parents can be friends with their teen without compromising their authority in her article in the September issue of Family Circle Magazine "How to Be Your Teen's Friend...and Still Be a Parent"

LCRG Director Dr. Lisa Damour interviewed by John Webb for South Africa's Talk Radio 702. Listen to "Raising Well-Adjusted Children" via SoundCloud

LCRG Director Lisa Damour joins a panel on WCPN/Cleveland Public Radio's "The Sound of Ideas" radio show on the topic of Test Anxiety

LCRG's work on test anxiety featured in February 11 TIME Magazine article "Relax, It's Only a Test" by Annie Murphy Paul [subscription required]

LCRG Director Dr. Lisa Damour joins Dr. Madeline Levine — author of New York Times bestseller Teach Your Children Well - on NPR to discuss "Raising Successful Kids"

LCRG joins Fox 8 News in Cleveland to address "Bullying: What Parents Should Know"

Huffington Post feature "The Difference Between Adults and Grown-Ups" on LCRG director Dr. Lisa Damour's TEDxCLE talk on raising adolescents.

LCRG quoted in Wall Street Journal feature story, "Tinkerers Unite! How Parents Enable Kids' Creativity"

LCRG's "Bullies be Gone" interview with The Civic Commons Radio Show [link to the interview no longer available]

LCRG quoted in Cleveland Magazine article "Risk Factor" on helping students learn to take risks

LCRG joins New York's Joan Hamburg Show for a discussion of sleepovers and bullying [link to the interview no longer available]

LCRG quoted in Wall Street Journal feature story, "Say 'Yes' to the Sleepover, Mom"

LCRG quoted in Redbook Magazine article "Underage on Facebook"

LCRG's "21st Century Athenas: Aligning Achievement and Well-being" study featured in Psychology Today article, "Teenage Girls are Succeeding, but at What Price?"

LCRG on WCPN's Sound of Ideas on "Bullies in Cyberspace"

LCRG on WCPN’s Sound of Ideas on “Lessons from Girls’ Schools

LCRG on WCPN’s Sound of Ideas on “Eating Disorders and Body Image

LCRG quoted in Your Teen Magazine article “Setting Limits: What Works for Teens

LCRG on WCPN’s Sound of Ideas on “Parenting 101

LCRG quoted in The Huffington Post article "What Price Success? Girls, Stress and Being Your Own Worst Enemy"

"Shielding Students from Stereotype Threat: A Guide for Teachers," co-authored by Dr. Damour and Dr. Goodman, was the online feature of the National Association of Independent Schools' main publication, Independent School [link to the article no longer available]

Washington Post article on The Online School for Girls (with a LCRG-developed pedagogical platform) "Md. School Joins Test of Online Courses Tailored to Girls"

Cleveland's Plain Dealer published a feature-length article on LCRG [link to the article no longer available]

An All-Girls’ Independent College Preparatory School for Grades K-12 and Coed Pre-Primary
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Laurel's Mission Statement:

To inspire each girl to
fulfill her promise and
to better the world. 


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"Laurel transforms students into strong women through an exemplary education and an atmosphere built on growth." Caitlin Cronin '16

"During my time at Laurel, I developed the mental aspect of my tennis game -- staying focused and staying in every match. The support that I've gotten from my team and my coaches has really helped me to do that." Danielle Buchinsky '15

"Laurel encourages its girls to try things they think they can do, things they don't think they can do, and even things they never thought about doing." Jazlynn Baker '16

"Laurel is a place where almost every girl can find a home. The community here is extremely accepting and diverse, and every student has her own ideas and opinions that are valued by everyone."Rebecca Brichacek '16

"Confident, independent, open-minded, fearless. That's what comes to mind when I think of what Laurel has given to my daughters." Laurel Parent


“The greatest gift Laurel gave me was the gift of lifelong friendships with classmates, teachers and parents of classmates. We have a special bond based on our shared experiences.” 
Betsy Sweeney Backes ‘78

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