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Head of School

Ann V. Klotz, Head of School

When I first crossed the threshold of Laurel School’s Lyman Campus, I knew I wanted to lead this school. Girls of all ages greeted me—friendly, authentic, confident. Sunlight streamed through the stained-glass window at the top of the stairs; "This school knows who it is,” I remember thinking. Innovative but elegant, steeped in tradition, but progressive, Laurel sets the standard for excellence in girls’ schools nation-wide.

Our two daughters are Laurel alumnae and our son began his education in Laurel’s Early Childhood School. Each day, I feel inspired and privileged to lead Laurel, to know our girls, to work among brilliant colleagues, to teach, to learn. I have spent most of my life in girls’ schools—13 years as a student, 20 years as a young teacher and administrator and almost two decades at Laurel. While superb outcomes are key, Laurel is committed to the success of every single child. Our girls cultivate courage, creativity and curiosity within and beyond the classrooms. They develop empathy for those like and unlike themselves and consider important ethical questions as they grow up with teachers who urge them to claim their voices, speak their minds, and use their talents for greater good.I am proud to lead a school committed to becoming an anti-racist institution and focused on building a strong community, expansive enough to hold many faiths, cultures, beliefs united by our mission and values.

Since 1896, we have offered selective admission to girls who seek challenges. Laurel girls are ambitious. They take ownership of their learning and reach high to attain their goals. Our exceptional faculty and college-preparatory program promote critical thinking, intellectual risk-taking, problem solving and creativity. Our school culture prizes excellence, respect and kindness. Our graduates are leaders in their fields. At Laurel they learn to discern what is essential from what isn’t. They learn, too, to walk with grace and purpose through their lives.

Laurel’s Center for Research on Girls (LCRG) substantiates our claim that we know girls—how they learn, think and feel—better than any other school. LCRG’s original research, professional development for faculty—our own as well as at schools around the corner and across the country—and parent education ensure that we put the world’s best research to work for girls. We teach girls to be resilient. Learning at Laurel is active, interdisciplinary, noisy and joyful. In the classroom, on the athletic fields, in a stream at the Butler Campus, in the Collaboratory—girls learn by doing. The Butler Campus,150 acres of spectacular land, offers the finest playing fields in Ohio with a place-based curriculum without parallel locally.

Laurel girls dive in, stand up, explore, immerse themselves in learning. We invite you to do the same. Girls matter at Laurel. Every girl, every day. In the context of the swiftly changing educational landscape, we produce graduates who are confident and capable, leaders and learners, dreamers and doers.

Come learn more about Laurel.
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  • Ann V. Klotz

    Ms. Klotz began her tenure as Laurel’s tenth Head of School in 2004. A graduate of the Agnes Irwin School in Rosemont, PA, she was graduated from Yale College, where she earned her B.A. in English. Her M.A. is in the individual study of drama from the Gallatin Division of New York University. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Non-fiction. She has worked in girls’ schools as a teacher and administrator for more than thirty-five years and is devoted to the academic, social and emotional development of girls.
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