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Athletics at Laurel

FALL: Cross Country • Field Hockey • Golf • Rowing • Soccer • Tennis • Volleyball  WINTER: Basketball • Rowing • Swimming • Diving  SPRING: Lacrosse • Rowing • Softball • Track and Field

Hear what these Gators, who are all off to play at D1 colleges, say about athletics at Laurel!

Competitive Athletics

Our student-athletes compete against top opponents, work with incredible coaches, get exposure to a variety of colleges, and compete on our unparalleled fields and in state-of-the-art facilities at our 150-acre Butler Campus.

Our experienced coaches prepare their teams for fierce competition, while helping individual athletes progress to the next level in their athletic development. We boast an impressive record of multiple, successive OHSAA State Tournament appearances!

Laurel athletes develop time-management and leadership skills, discipline and resilience that serve them well in their academic work and throughout their lives. The commitment girls feel to their teammates and their sport has lasting effects.
Nationally, girls account for just 42% of all high school athletes; at Laurel, more than 70% of our girls Grades 7-12 participate in athletics.
  • In Primary School, our strong physical education program provides a foundation for athletic achievement.
  • Our Middle School athletics program includes nine teams for Grades Seven and Eight.
  • Upper School offers 21 Varsity and Junior Varsity teams as well as four Club teams.
  • Laurel girls are proud to be Gator athletes, and many of them go on to play sports at the collegiate level.
Whether a girl is an accomplished athlete with her sights set on college athletics, or a novice looking to enjoy the experience of being on a team, there is a place for her in Laurel’s athletic program. Go Gators!

Laurel's Athletic Philosophies and Objectives

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  • Athletic Philosophy

    The athletic program is viewed as an extension of and a complement to the total learning process. The Laurel athletic program sets high standards for participation; aside from sport skill, sport strategy and physical fitness, the program seeks to provide each athlete with opportunities to develop confidence and a positive self-image, and to reach her fullest potential. Any student who is ready to commit to team expectations and goals and work hard to develop her athletic potential is welcome to participate in our program.
  • Athletic Objectives

    The goal of each Laurel athletic team is to win its contests without sacrificing the positive educational development of each student in pursuing her potential as an athlete, sportswoman and team member. The program strives to develop athletes within a coherent system that will allow our teams to experience victory while developing individual athletic potential. While the immediate objective of athletic competition is to win; our challenge as educators is to prepare students for winning and losing gracefully with a full understanding of the broader purpose of sports in developing personal character and excellence.
  • Middle School Athletic Program Philosophy

    The Middle School athletic program provides an opportunity for every student to play on a team. The Middle School has a no-cut policy. The emphasis at this level is on instruction, development, teamwork, fair play, and sportsmanship. Participation is a key component for Middle School teams as well as development of the athlete so students can expect to compete successfully at the Upper School level. At this level, it is anticipated that all team members will play in every game. When there are large numbers of students participating in a sport, there may be multiple teams based on ability level. At the "B" team level, participation and development of fundamentals will be emphasized. At the "A" team level, more emphasis will be placed on winning, while maintaining personal, team, and school integrity as the essential priority.
  • Junior Varsity and Junior Varsity II Teams

    The junior varsity level stresses learning and refining fundamental skills, game strategies, game knowledge, and rules. The junior varsity teams are a building block for the varsity teams. Participation is the hallmark of the junior varsity level. At this level, it is anticipated that all team members will play in every game.
  • Varsity Teams

    The varsity level is an advanced level of play with the focus on winning and being competitive at the state level. Students are expected to start the season in proper condition, have the appropriate fundamental skills, and know basic strategies and all rules. Our varsity coaching staff's goal is to field the strongest, most competitive team. Varsity players may not play in every game.

Athletics Department

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