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The Prentiss Society

In 1976, to honor founding headmistress Jennie Warren Prentiss and those who have kept her vision alive, Laurel School created the Prentiss Society. Annual membership in the Prentiss Society begins with a gift of $1,896 to celebrate Laurel's founding year.
As a Prentiss Society Member, you demonstrate your belief in Laurel, its mission and the promise of every Laurel girl. Through your investment, Laurel girls find their voices and gain confidence. They are encouraged to take risks, are motivated to become critical and creative thinkers and are inspired to find their passion…their purpose.

Natalie Linsalata Green '06 / Prentiss Society Member

"My Laurel experience undoubtedly shaped the person I am today. The school’s unmatched resources established a foundation of analytical, creative and critical thinking skills. The tight-knit community of students, teachers and families provided a support system that empowered me to take risks and develop as an independent thinker. Most importantly, Laurel’s expectation that each student speak up, ask questions, and challenge the status quo, instilled in me the confidence to tackle challenges and to pursue my aspirations."

Prentiss Society Recognition

We look forward to the opportunity to recognize and show our appreciation for leadership gifts to Laurel School with meaningful connection and communication.

Prentiss Society Membership Levels

Prentiss Founder
Prentiss Patron:
Prentiss Benefactor:
Prentiss Guardian:
Prentiss Investor:
Prentiss Shareholder:
Prentiss Torchbearer:
$30,000 or more

Laurel Fund Giving Supports...

The Laurel Fund follows the school's fiscal year, July 1 to June 30. For your convenience, you may make your gift online with a credit card. Please see the Giving to Laurel page, for other ways to give (securities, by phone and by mail).
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