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At Laurel School, a belief in the power of technology as a catalyst for innovation and creativity drives our program. No one knows what may come to change and shape our dynamic world, but Laurel girls learn the skills needed to jump into the unknown.
Technology opens doors to knowledge, creativity, and endless possibilities. It is a foundational discipline to a well-rounded student today. At Laurel, we do not simply focus on technology tools as gadgets, but rather we encourage students to learn the skills needed to utilize technology correctly and to be able to make decisions on the best tool to use for the task at hand. The tools available to our students allow them to create and think in ways not easily imagined in decades passed. Students, faculty, staff, and the administration of the school utilize technology in their everyday lives, underscoring the importance of using such tools in the classroom environment.

Laurel School's approach to technology is through two means: integrated into everyday classes and subjects, and through separate, specific courses for deeper inquiry into technology topics.
Mission Statement: Laurel School’s Technology & Library Services team inspires, supports, and cultivates a community of active learners.
Vision Statement:  We prepare students for the complex world they will inherit.

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  • One-to-One Program

    Since the 2011-2012 school year, Laurel’s One-to-One Program has been a natural progression to put technology in the hands of our students 24/7. Computers are transformational devices with limitless potential in the world of learning. These devices are used for traditional note-taking and research, but they are used for so much more; they are tools of expression, they are audio and video recording studios, and they are repositories of the world’s knowledge. Participation in the One-to-One Program is a privilege; the student is a partner with the school in her learning.

    One-to-One Program Goals:

    • Provide students with limitless possibilities
    • Foster technology skills necessary for learning and life
    • Allow for student-centered, project-based learning
    • Help students take ownership of their learning
    • Provide ubiquitous access to information
    • Foster critical thinking & problem solving skills
    Our One-to-One Program is well-supported by both research, staff, and curriculum. We acknowledge the entry of a third party into the student and parent relationship, and actively partner with families through orientation events and open lines of communication.
  • Computer Science

    The ubiquity of computers and technology cannot be overstated. Apps schedule our appointments, manage our finances and connect us with friends. Electronics have been integrated into our cars, our phones and, soon, our clothing. At Laurel, students gain an introduction to these fields by exploring both software and hardware.

    Students in the Primary School learn the fundamentals of computers, such as the essential components of computers, introductory algorithms, online safety, and introductory programming, both on the computer and using robots.

    Students in the Middle School students build on their experience in the Primary by learning how computer technology integrates into their daily lives. Grades Seven and Eight learn coding and debugging in their Computer Science class, which prepares them for more complex topics in the Upper School.

    Students in the Upper School learn the fundamentals of programming via Python and introductory electronics through hands-on work. Projects explore codes and ciphers, sound-sensing circuits, interactive fiction and data analysis.

    Laurel School's Computer Science programming is based on best practices and standards from the Computer Science Teachers Association & the Ohio Department of Education.

Technology Faculty & Staff

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  • Photo of Daniel McGee

    Daniel McGee 

    Director of Technology & Library Services, Computer Science Teacher
  • Photo of Margaret Lehman

    Margaret Lehman 

    Database Consultant, Scheduler and Registrar
  • Photo of Karen Redmond

    Karen Redmond 

    Technology Innovation Specialist & Maker Mentor
  • Photo of Andy Repko

    Andy Repko 

    Technology Support Specialist
  • Photo of Mark Ryan

    Mark Ryan 

    Systems Analyst
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