Alumnae Spotlight showcases amazing Laurel women and the paths they have charted since graduation.
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  • March 2020: Marjorie Jamison Douglas '44

    If you talk to a film crew, odds are they will have heard of the Douglas House—Marjorie Jamison Douglas ‘44’s home! Originally a two-room Dutch farmhouse built in 1756, Marjorie and her husband completely renovated the Orangeburg, NY, home in the early ’80s, specifically designing it to host commercial, television and film shoots. There are rooms with moving walls, kitchen cupboards with removable doors and many other special touches to make it accessible for a film crew. Yes, Marjorie lives in this remarkable “film set” which has seen a water buffalo in the kitchen and a full-size Ferris wheel in the yard and which has hosted countless famous actors. Well into her ninth decade, she is still involved in the business (although she has turned over part of it to her daughter) and stays active by traveling and writing—she recently finished a book based on her parents’ World War I letters. Read on as Marjorie shares her fascinating life story.
  • February 2020: Melissa Woods '02

    Laurel lifer Melissa Woods ’02 is always looking for the next great band. As Head of Creative Services for Third Side Music in Los Angeles, she discovers and represents amazing musicians and works with composers and artists to create custom work for TV and film. She’s passionate about the importance of female role models, supporting artists with integrity and important messages and advocating for selfcare and mental health in a challenging industry. As Lizzo (the first artist Melissa signed!) sings, “You know you a star, you can touch the sky.” Read on to find out how Melissa’s Laurel-instilled values of confidence, hard work and strong female leadership help her succeed in the music industry!
  • January 2020: Katie Hecker Scheid '86

    The 1998 film Sliding Doors follows the parallel lives of a woman, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, which hinge on the small circumstance of catching a train or not. Katie Hecker Scheid ’86 describes it as the movie that best represents her life due to the chance meetings that have set her on her life path. She “love[s] the sheer chance of life and the mystery of what might happen next” and credits her time at Laurel and a liberal arts education for instilling confidence to seize new opportunities as they come! From playing in bands and working in the European music industry to a long career in visual effects for films such as The Big Lebowski and The Lord of the Rings, Katie is always up for a new adventure. Her biggest adventure these days is raising her daughter in New Zealand! Read on to follow Katie on her journey from Lyman Circle and around the world.

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