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Academics & Arts
Early Childhood School (18 mos-PreK)


Laurel's Preschool fosters a love of learning by providing a school experience that is rewarding, challenging, successful and fun. Our tremendous faculty encourages the development of imagination and individuality by allowing each child to choose a topic of study in which the whole class immerses for a week. Doing so ensures an environment where children feel their opinions are welcomed and valued.
A warm environment with open communication between children and their teachers leads to the development of both independence and the ability to interact with others. The hands-on, experiential curriculum promotes creative expression and social interaction; attention to the development of fine and gross motor skills; and emphasis on oral expression, letter and number recognition and memory stimulation.

List of 4 items.

  • Language Arts

    • Speaking in front of a group
    • Sharing experiences outside the classroom
    • Speaking with adults
    • Communicating thoughts to peers
    • Learning to make predictions in stories
    • Recognizing rhyming words in songs and stories
    • Expanding vocabulary
    • Recognizing patterns in literature
    • Sharing thoughts during group time
    • Exploring fiction and non-fiction literature on a daily basis
    • Journaling
    • Independent exploration of literature
    • Environmental print
    • Providing modeling for verbal expression of thoughts, needs and desires
    • Introduction to new vocabulary
    • Weekly library story hour
    • Recognizing upper and lower case letters and beginning letter sounds
  • Social Studies

    • Functioning in a community
    • Self-help skills
    • Sharing and taking turns
    • Routines and schedules
    • Interest in other cultures and places
    • Separation
    • Awareness of self
    • Calendar
    • Daily schedule
    • Learning geography
    • Photo documentation
    • Routines
    • Sharing during group play time
    • Field trips
    • Presentation of varied cultures and traditions in the classroom
    • Introduction of foods from many cultures
  • Mathematics

    • Counting
    • 1-to-1 correspondence
    • Patterning
    • Sorting
    • Classifying
    • Spatial relationships
    • Sequencing
    • Number recognition
    • Measurement
    • Directional cues
    • Calendar
    • Counting in a variety of settings
    • Manipulatives
    • Puzzles
    • Games
    • Graphing
    • Tally marks
    • Learning left and right
    • Art activities
  • Science

    • Hypothesizing and making predictions
    • Learning to care for the environment
    • Drawing conclusions
    • Recognizing cause and effect
    • Observation of seasonal cycles
    • Experimentation
    • Caring for community through recycling, composting, planting and conservation of resources
    • Providing support through literature
    • Field trips to Butler Campus, recycling center, Cleveland Botanical Garden, Lake Farm Park, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, etc.
For more information about Laurel's Early Childhood School, please contact the Admissions Office at admissions@LaurelSchool.org or 216-455-3022.
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