Why All-Girls?

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What the research from the National Coalition of Girls Schools (NCGS) shows:

List of 5 items.

  • Higher Aspirations - Girls’ school students strive for greatness

    • Students at all-girls schools have higher aspirations and greater motivation than their female peers at coed independent and public schools. 98.7% of students at all-girls schools expect to earn a four-year degree. More than 2/3 expect to earn a graduate or professional degree.1
    • Compared to coed peers, girls’ school grads are 3 times more likely to consider engineering careers.2
  • Academic Achievement - Girls’ schools create a culture of achievement

    • Nearly 50% of all women graduating from girls’ schools rate their public speaking ability as high, compared to 38% from coed schools.2
    • More than 80% of girls’ school grads consider their academic performance highly successful compared to 75% of women from coed schools.2
    • A majority of girls’ school grads report higher self-confidence over their coed peers.2
  • Develops Leadership Skills - Girls’ schools empower students to become bold leaders

    • 93% of girls’ school grads say they were offered greater leadership opportunities than peers at coed schools and 80% have held leadership positions since graduating from high school.3
  • Inspirational Environment - Girls’ schools champion the educational needs of girls

    • Nearly 80% of girls’ school students report most of their classes challenge them to achieve their full academic potential compared to 72.3% of girls at coed independent and 44.3% at coed public schools.1
  • Dedicated to How Girls Learn - Girls’ schools capitalize on girls’ unique learning styles

    • To be successful, students need more than just a feeling of support. That support must translate into actions geared toward student success. Nearly 96% of girls’ school students report receiving more frequent feedback on their assignments and other course work than girls at coed schools.1
1 Dr. Richard A.Holmgren, Allegheny College, “Steeped in Learning: The Student Experience at All-Girls Schools”

2 Dr. Linda Sax, UCLA, “Women Graduates of Single-Sex and Coeducational High Schools: Differences in their Characteristics and the Transition to College”

3 Goodman Research Group, “The Girls’ School Experience: A Survey of Young Alumnae of Single-Sex Schools”

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