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Laurel School Primary Thanksgiving philanthropy turkey handprint art

Primary School: Meals on Wheels Craft Project

Every year in the Primary School, Laurel girls decorate placemats and create centerpieces for Meals on Wheels to spread Thanksgiving cheer to those that the organization serves. The Fourth Graders joined their Kindergarten buddies to work together to practice collaboration and teamwork while the Second and Third Graders worked in their own classrooms, creating pieces that will be cherished throughout the holiday.
Through the curriculum in the Primary School, Laurel girls discuss what it means to be part of a community and the importance of helping others. This project is a tangible way to demonstrate one of the many ways young girls can be part of their community.

"We made turkey centerpieces for Meals on Wheels so people can have centerpieces for their houses when they eat. It makes people feel happy when they get it, and it will look pretty on their table." -Lulu '29

Service to the community is a main focus not only in the Primary, but schoolwide and year-long. Primary girls have also heard from a representative from MedWish during an assembly to learn about where donations they collected for Hurricane Dorian went and how it was impactful. Our girls believe strongly in the importance of giving to help others in need.
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