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Laurel Middle School students sold cookies to raise funds for their cause.

Middle School: Cookie Project

In the Middle School, Laurel girls work on many service learning projects throughout the year. In one such project, our girls hosted a Cookie Bake Sale to raise money to support Clean the World, an organization that addresses global health issues through recycling discarded hygiene supplies from the hospitality industry.
This project helped students practice their math and science skills, while refining and strengthening their group coordination, planning and entrepreneurial skills, resulting in a rewarding and engaging experience for all! As noted by Hannah '27, “we get to use what we have learned in school and apply it to the real world. If we can give and share with the rest of the world, we can make an impact!”

The girls began by creating shopping lists and setting a budget for ingredients. They took a field trip to the grocery store to purchase items, using maps and other resources to create directions for the bus drivers. They also had to calculate the amount of time the trip would take and schedule their field trip accordingly, showcasing Laurel’s commitment to student-led learning.

At the grocery store, groups divided their shopping list and calculated the cost per unit for the various ingredients to ensure they bought only what they needed. Back at school, they then prepared the dough, multiplying fractions to accurately measure ingredients for baking. Finally, the girls hosted a cookie bake sale after school one Friday in November to raise awareness and funds for Clean the World. The girls sold ALL of their cookies in a matter of minutes, bringing new awareness to a worthy cause.

Service Learning projects continue throughout the year in the Middle School, including a project of assembling 67 hygiene kits for WomenSafe.
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