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Samantha Massien ’23

Started: Sixth Grade
Attended: Mayfield Public Schools
Activities: Leader, Laurel Christian Fellowship; Service Board; Protégé; After School at Laurel; Summer at Laurel

Favorite Class: My favorite class at Laurel has been AP United States History, which I took in tenth grade. I was initially feeling overwhelmed with the workload of this course, being it was my very first AP class. But, my teacher made the tedious and intimidating process of memorizing events in Americans history fun through stories and anecdotes which helped me gain a deeper understanding of American history that helped me during the AP exam.
Favorite Laurel Thing:
My favorite thing about Laurel is the student-teacher ratio. The small class sizes allow for lots of discussion between peers, which lets students dive deeper into topics to further their understanding. I am also able to form lasting relationships with my teachers, so that I always feel comfortable asking them for extra help on homework or before a test/quiz.
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