Admissions Team
Meet Our Green Key Student Ambassadors

Sidney Rucker ’22

Started: Fifth Grade
Attended: Richard Allen Academy and Campus International School
Activities: Capstone; Protégé; Captain, Varsity Volleyball; Co-Leader, Service Board; Founder and Leader, Girls for the Globe; Black Student Union; Young Democrats; Prism; Fair Trade Club; Investment Committee, Geek Culture Club

Favorite Class: My Chinese class was my favorite class at Laurel because I have always had the same classmates since I came to the school in fifth grade so I got to develop really close relationships with them and my teacher. I also loved how the class was so full of enrichment regarding Chinese culture and history.
Favorite Laurel Thing:
My favorite thing about Laurel is the community. I love how easy it is to develop relationships with everyone there, staff included, and how it really does just feel like home. I also love how if you have an idea for how to make the school and world a better place, the people around you will do whatever is necessary to help you achieve your goals.
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