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Talia Scott ’22

Started: Kindergarten
Attended: Laurel School since Kindergarten
Activities: President, Black Student Union; One Coffee Circle; Volleyball; Track & Field

Favorite Class:My favorite class at Laurel was AP U.S. History. I really enjoyed APUSH because the lecturing style supported my learning needs. I also enjoyed the class because the teacher had lots of good stories about the causes and effects of American history, because he grew up in the South. Overall I really enjoyed the vibe of the class. It was my first AP and prepared me very well for my future AP classes.
Favorite Laurel Thing:
My favorite thing about Laurel is it's size and that our Lyman campus houses Early Learners-12th grade. Laurel is small by design, which makes it extremely easy to connect with just about everyone in the school. It is also fantastic that all the grades are housed under one roof because girls of all ages are able to interact with each other. I know when I was in primary I often looked at the Upper School girls with amazement when I saw them in the halls
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