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Growing the Next Generation of Female Changemakers

The Environmental Justice Semester is committed to fostering ethical leadership - students make a positive impact in the greater Cleveland area and beyond. As part of their coursework, girls volunteer weekly with EJ-focused partner organizations, matched to student interest, to learn from and support the work already being done in the field of EJ.
Students become changemakers with the tools, inspiration, and agency to advocate for environmental justice and to use their voices for the greater good. They engage in hands-on research, action for change, and project development in local communities.

Students will work on individual projects that may include:
  • Climate change policy research
  • Environmental education
  • Lead poisoning policy and education
  • Tackling food deserts
  • Ecological restoration (tree planting, urban gardens, invasive removal)
  • Community organizing
  • Attending local council meetings
  • Journalism
Over 125 years of experience educating girls and data from Laurel’s Center for Research on Girls (LCRG) shows us that student voice and choice are important, and a feeling of purpose provides motivation for students to discover how they can make an impact in the things they are passionate about and better the world.
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