Claire Fedor '19 Featured in The Plain Dealer, News-Herald and more For Bridge Design and Installation at Butler Campus

Claire Fedor '19 spent her final days as a Senior watching the installation of the bridge she helped design as it went up on the Butler Campus.
As part of her Capstone Experience, which aims to cultivate purpose, relationships and leadership using one of four lenses--civic engagement, entrepreneurship, global studies and STEAM--Claire was able to focus her research on her interest in bridges. In a recent News-Herald story on the bridge, Claire states that, "I wanted to do something with bridges, so it started off with research, to learn all I could about different structures. My plan was to make a model for real-life application in putting the bridge somewhere." She went on to say, "I know that we host LaureLive here. I also noticed from my years on the track team here that it's hard to get access to the track. So I thought OK, I'll design a model of the bridge to go near the track to fulfill the need for a bridge here."
The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Chagrin-Solon Sun, and Chagrin Valley Times also visited Butler to see the installation and speak with Claire to learn more about her design and how Laurel students will benefit from this bridge for many years to come.
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