Eco!Wonder Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

Laurel's tenth annual Eco!Wonder Festival was highlighted in the Chagrin Valley Times and the Chagrin Solon Sun earlier this month.
Kathryn Marshall, Prekindergarten teacher, said, "The festival is the signature event for the Pre-Primary School and has grown from around 100 people attending in year one to around 300 students and parents this year. As more activities have been added, the Laurel staff has adopted a looser structure where families can explore activities at their own pace and in whatever order they choose." The festival allows parents to understand what spaces their children are exploring on a regular basis and what they are learning through Eco!Wonder. Ms. Marshall went on to talk about learning in the outdoors, "It's tangible to children. It really helps them, they can see it, they can hear it, they can touch it... When they come out here, they're holding salamanders, they're holding frogs and once it becomes relatable to them, then they take ownership of their learning." Click here to read more.
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