Cleveland Jewish News Features Andrew Cruse, Laurel's Associate Director of College Guidance

Andrew Cruse, Laurel's Associate Director of College Guidance, talked about the college application process and the importance of preparation in a recent Cleveland Jewish News story titled, "Preparation Helps to Lessen College Application Stress."
In it he states that, "Applying doesn't truly happen in earnest until the summer or early fall of their senior year. Rising seniors should prepare for a 'meaningful' search. Near the end of their junior year, students should meet with their counselors and get an idea of how they will be spending the summer. So, when our students come back in August, they're ready for the application process."
Andrew also discussed the importance of finding the right "fit" for them. He goes on to say that, "There are a lot of options out there. We stress about opening one's mind and broadening the search. And that isn't easy for a 17-year-old to do. But we ask them to do a little introspection so they are coming from a place where they know how they're going to investigate."
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