Laurel’s New World Languages Chair Featured in Cleveland Jewish News

Lucia Heddleson, Laurel's new World Languages Chair, was recently featured in the Cleveland Jewish News to discuss the importance of incorporating foreign language from a young age.
In the article, Lucia states that, "In addition to augmenting various forms of capital, like social, cultural and identity, second language acquisition promotes awareness of global diversity and cultural sensitivity. Second-language acquisition promotes awareness of global diversity and cultural sensitivity.” She added that research points to increased brain plasticity, especially the positive effects on more authentic pronunciation when learning the language as a child. 

“Learning a second language may enhance grammar rules of the student’s dominant language. “A second language reinforces certain grammar rules introduced in the native language, like pronouns. Students learn that language practices, like informal and formal language patterns, are applicable in other areas outside of the classroom.”

At Laurel School, students are offered opportunities to grow in their language learning through the ability to choose what they study. Options include Hebrew, French, Spanish, Chinese and Latin.

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