Dr. Jessie Sun Highlights Love for Teaching and Science in Refinery29 Article

A recent Refinery29 story featured seven people who are actually working in the field they wanted to as a child.
Our very own Jessie Sun, PhD, Laurel Science Teacher and Director of STEAM Engagement, is interviewed in the story. In it she states, "When I first wanted to teach, it was to help other people and work with other people. Now my two big reasons: help support girls in science and help increase science literacy for everyone. I feel it's my duty to make sure students get good lessons in science. I am a lady with a PhD with a vaguely androgynous name, I know what it's like to face sexual discrimination. I teach at an all-girls school. I don't ever lie to my students and tell them it's easy. I tell them my hardships so that they know what support looks like, so they know what advocacy looks like. I want them to love science as I love science and to ignore the haters as they go for it.” Read the full story here.
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