Turning Rowing Idea into Crew Reality: Lizzie Johnston '20 Featured in row2K

In her Sophomore year Lizzie Johnston ’20 new that rowing was a sport she wanted to pursue.
After visiting Head of the Cuyahoga River, Cleveland’s home head race, Lizzie took the idea to Laurel administrators to start a rowing club. In the story Kathryn Purcell, Associate Head of School, states that, “Laurel is a place that likes to engage students in their ideas, [and] likes to support these kind of individual efforts.” That said, the school asked Lizzie to formulate a plan and present it. Today, she is the founder, captain and coxswain of Laurel’s rowing team, which is currently a club sport officially supported by the Athletic Department and team parents. In addition, this month Lizzie also officially signed a letter of intent with Michigan State University, a Division I, Big 10 school, where she has accepted a scholarship offer to join the rowing team next Fall. “We feel like it is a full, positive story all the way around, but one that is centered on a girl who had an idea, and set up a plan, enacted that plan, and has followed through as a captain and a leader and then had this amazing outcome of being a recruited athlete as well,” Kathryn went on to say. Click here for the full story.
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