Summer at Laurel Featured in Cleveland Magazine

Miriah Seckel, Director of Summer at Laurel, highlighted just a few of the specialty camps that will be offered at Summer at Laurel in 2020 in a recent Cleveland Magazine Camp Guide.
. In the story Miriah discusses some of Summer at Laurel's STEM-focused camps, stating that, "We use technology in meaningful ways so girls can get involved in this type of thinking at a young age. Girls may think about robots differently than boys do, and they sometimes use robots differently. We will dress robots up and the girls have to code the robots to move in a fashion show." Highlighting Summer at Laurel's Roblox, Minecraft and Robotics offerings, Miriah goes on to say that, "Overall, camps like this give kids an outlet during the summer to explore their creativity and try new things. It's an opportunity for kids to learn on their own without us hovering over them, and it's incredible what they are capable of."
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