Ayla Peacock ‘11 Talks Wage Gap with Thrive Global

Ayla Peacock '11, Director of Digital Strategy at Spire Digital in Denver was recently interviewed for a piece on Thrive Global on the five things we need to do to close the gender wage gap.
In it she highlights the need for paid leave for everyone to level the playing field, wage transparency across the line and lessening the confidence gap. Ayla highlights her own handling of compensation and open dialogue in the piece and provides her five recommendations of things that need to be done on a broader societal level to close the gender wage gap. She also tips her hat to Laurel stating, "I am endlessly grateful for my single-sex education at Laurel School where my teachers had us take math tests with pencils that said, "GIRLS ARE GOOD AT MATH." They believed that if we knew the stigma, we could fight it." Click here for the full story.
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