Ann Klotz Talks Leading From her Living Room in Well-Schooled

Head of School Ann Klotz reflected on her teachings of women who prevail in her latest Well-Schooled piece, which delves into the classic characters Ann has loved and taught for years, and her students who do not respond in the same loving manner.
In her piece Ann states, "My girls are fierce and feisty, and I want them to be, so it seems to me I should be less surprised that the ninth-graders have turned on Jane [Eyre]. We live now in a #MeToo society. Charlotte Bronte's vocabulary and syntax are complicated for 14-year-olds raised on Instagram and the straightforward style of John Green, but it is more than that. I teach in an all-girls school where we offer a steady diet of empowerment with a side of resilience at every meal. Our girls learn to use their voices, to advocate for others, to stand up, to change the world for good."
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