Ria Raj ‘21 Selected as Member of Team USA Debate; Featured in Cleveland.com for Performance in National Tournament

Congratulations to Ria Raj '21, who has been selected as a member of an elite team of debaters from around the country who will represent the United States globally in World Schools Debate competitions, an event for which she was a National runner-up this summer.
Ria participated in a demanding four-stage selection process and, after being selected, is considered one of the best debaters in the country.
In the next year she will continue to compete as an Extemporaneous Speaker on Laurel's Speech and Debate team while simultaneously training in World Schools Debate for international competitions with her team of students from all over the US.
Ria was also featured in Cleveland.com earlier this summer for her performance in the Speech and Debate Association National Tournament. She was a member of a North Coast district "all star" team that competed in World Schools Debate, a team-based parliamentary debate style where three speakers in proposition of the round's motion face three speakers in opposition to the motion in a series of four speeches. This was the first year Laurel students competed on the North Coast District Teams. Ria's team, North Coast Blue, competed in the final round, finishing the tournament in an impressive second place.
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