Dr. Lisa Damour Highlights how to Keep the Motivation Going This School Year in Latest New York Times Column

In her latest New York Times Well-Health Column, Dr. Lisa Damour, Executive Director of Laurel's Center for Research on Girls, tackles "How to Do School When Motivation Has Gone Missing."
It's just November but Dr. Damour highlights that parents and students alike may be noticed that academic motivation is already low. "Whether school is remote, in-person or hybrid, many students have come to feel that, if this year were a meal, it would be all vegetables and no dessert." With the bulk of the school year yet to come, she highlights some ways is which teenagers can equip themselves to continue to move forward during this difficult and frustrating time. Dr. Damour delves into the two basic types of motivation (intrinsic versus extrinsic) and how to stack the deck for intrinsic motivation, which is propelled by a deep and genuine interest in a task or topic. She also highlights when to know to use extrinsic motivation, that is work that is propelled by the outcome, like a good grade, dessert or video game time.
Dr. Damour was also included in a Washington Post piece about how much reality to share with younger kids about the pandemic. Click here to read the full article.
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