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Ann V. Klotz Laments Loss in Multiplicity Literary Magazine Piece

Ann V. Klotz recently published a piece titled "26 Shards of Loss" in Multiplicity, a nonfiction literary magazine.
It begins, "Loss is not math. In Japanese pottery when a piece cracks, the potter fills the gap with gold: kintsugi. I read and roll the word in my mouth, taste its unfamiliarity. Kin, I know how to pronounce; I am less certain how to say tsugi. We are broken and remade. Where something is subtracted, something else is added. Imagining myself streaked with golden seams pleases me."
The image used alongside Ann's story is a piece of art by Laurel visual arts teacher Catherine Butler. Her piece, titled "To Kiss, To Smile, To Smell" was originally created for the "Mouse House Party" exhibition that was about filling the hole left by the COVID-19 pandemic. It was serendipitous that her use of kintsugi aligned with Ann's thoughts so beautifully.
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