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Laurel’s JustWrite Team Has Stellar Performance at State Tournament

Laurel's JustWrite Ohio competitive writing team did an outstanding job at the state tournament! 
The Division I Team of Amelia Bravo ‘26, Mia Dallas ‘26, Claire Sheeler ‘25, Kelly Kirchner ‘25, Eva Ko ‘25, and Caroline Auerbach-Brown ‘25 won third place overall! The Division II Team of Sascha Leiken ‘25, Karma Abboud ‘24, Shaliz Bazldjoo ‘24, Jade Gladue ‘24, Lily Blitz ‘24, and EJ Reindel-Swan ‘24 won second place overall! Winning individual awards in their divisions were Sascha Leiken (10th place), Caroline Auberbach-Brown (5th place), and Eva Ko (4th place). AND, JustWrite Ohio awards their highest honors to just two students in the state—this year, BOTH of these awards went to Laurel students! Shaliz Bazldjoo was the 2023 Excellence in Poetry Award Recipient, and Karma Abboud was the 2023 Nikki Delamotte Award for Outstanding Narrative Writing Recipient. Huge congratulations to all our JustWrite competitors!
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