Admissions Team
Meet Our Green Key Student Ambassadors

Caitlin Ludwig ’23

Started: Ninth Grade
Attended: Mandel Jewish Day School
Activities: Speech and Debate (Lincoln Douglas); Capstone (Global Studies); Israeli Culture Club; Young Democrats Club
Favorite Class: My all-time favorite class is AP US History. I have always preferred humanities classes, and APUSH exceeded my expectations. Our teacher was great, I had a lot of friends in my class, and I also genuinely enjoyed the material. APUSH was also one of the most difficult classes I've taken; I was always pushed and forced to look at material in a new way, which helped to broaden my perspective. Other Laurel Classes that rank highly on my list are Honors Physics with Mr. Carpenter, 9th Grade World History with Mrs. Clark, and Honors Chemistry with Mr. Kawolics.
Favorite Laurel Thing: My favorite thing about Laurel is the support offered from the staff. I have really trusting relationships with some of my teachers, and am so lucky to be at a school with so many resources for our emotional well-being (Center for Research on Girls - Dr. Damour and others). This all plays into the community environment which is so strong at our school.
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