Laurel and Laurel Girls

Laurel School, founded in 1896, is a nationally recognized, college preparatory, independent day school for girls, Kindergarten through Grade 12, with a coeducational Pre-Primary program.

Laurel School’s Center for Research on Girls puts the world’s best research to work for girls – at Laurel and everywhere.

About Laurel Girls

Laurel girls are ambitious. They take risks and welcome intellectual and physical challenges.
They are individuals who hone their intellect, develop their confidence and discover their passions. Laurel girls embrace over a century of tradition and develop bonds of friendship that last a lifetime.

Laurel girls are courageous, creative, ethical and compassionate. They are young women who become leaders in their colleges, industries and communities.

An all girls’ school, K-12, with a coed Pre-Primary, Laurel School is proud to be an inclusive and equitable school community that welcomes students without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, handicap or disability or sexual orientation. Additionally, we actively seek faculty and staff without regard to these identifiers or gender.

Laurel has two campuses.

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