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Admissions Team
Meet Our Green Key Student Ambassadors

Nicole Samala '24

Started: Ninth Grade
Attended: Gesu School
Activities: Speech and Debate (Informative Speaking), The Voice Student Newspaper (Leader, Editor), Student Government, Theater, After School at Laurel (Employee), Capstone, Protégé
Favorite Class: My favorite class at Laurel was last year's AP Statistics with Mrs. Palmer! Math has always been my favorite subject, so seeing its application to the real-world made the content very interesting. In addition, Mrs. Palmer is a great teacher who always answered my questions and gave the class fun activities to enrich our learning. For our final project, we had to perform a statistical test on a topic of our choosing, so I analyzed the screen time distribution of a survival show I was watching! I had an amazing experience in this class, and it even inspired me to major in Statistics in college! 
Favorite Laurel Thing:
My favorite thing about Laurel are the unique opportunities that let students craft their own path and explore their interests. Laurel-specific programs, such as Capstone and Protégé, have allowed me to dive deeper into the fields I'm interested in and know what I want to pursue in the future, as well as, helped me to make a difference in my community. The Laurel experience is what you make of it and is different for each student, but everyone is here to support you.
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