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Admissions Team
Meet Our Green Key Student Ambassadors

McKeely Kemock '25

Started: Ninth Grade
Attended: Olmsted Falls City Schools
Activities: Capstone, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field, The Voice (school newspaper), Gallimaufry Creative Literary Magazine (Co-Editor)
Favorite Class: Modern World History has definitely been my favorite class at Laurel so far! Not only was I very interested in the content and how the past continues to impact the future, but Mrs. Clark is a phenomenal teacher. She did a wonderful job incorporating both individual and group projects while making history exciting to learn! Lastly, I really enjoyed the discussions and debates during class, which allowed us to view various perspectives and dive deeper into historical events. 
Favorite Laurel Thing: By far, the tight-knit, small-by-design community is my favorite part about Laurel! Everyone's extremely supportive of individual goals and passions, giving students and faculty the encouragement they may need to try new things, take risks, and chase dreams. I've always been someone who loves to explore all sorts of things, in arts, athletics, and academics, so coming to Laurel was a dream come true, to say the least. There's always something for everyone to enjoy, whether it's the theater program, speech and debate, the lacrosse team, or a combo of all three! There are so many ways to be active members of the Laurel community and without our unique diversity among the student body, faculty, alumni, families, and friends, we would not be the wonderful school that we are.
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